406 Science

Chemistry of Change
In the Chemistry of Change, we will learn all about the change in color, pH, state, and temperature in a fun and exciting way!

Included Experiments:

  • Elephant Toothpaste
  • Homemade Lava Lamps
  • Forming Colorful Precipitates
  • Universal pH Color Change
  • Iodine Clock

In the Fire experiments, we will explore how to change the color of fire, how to ignite a powder with a liquid, and what is needed to have fire.

Included Experiments:

  • Using Different Salts to Make Rainbow Fire
  • Using an Oxidizer Powder and Glycerol to Make Fire
  • Showing How Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Affect Fire

Liquid Nitrogen
Liquid Nitrogen is an extremely cold liquid, which can change the physical properties of a lot of different materials. In this section we will explore the effects of making things extremely cold.

Included Experiments:

  • Freezing Things that Shouldn't Freeze
    • Flowers, Fruit, and Racquetballs
  • Show the Expansion of Gas Through Pops and Bangs
  • Safely Touch the Liquid Nitrogen
  • Freeze Food (Like Cheetos, Grahm Crackers, or Marshmallows) to Blow Water Vapor Like a Dragon